Friday, August 2, 2013

Flyin' Time

Well hey there!

So its been about 5 months since the last update! No biggie right? ;)

Well let me give you some insight to what's been going on!

We moved from our house to an apartment, I finished out the rest of the lacrosse season and we both finished the rest of the semester at Utah State, I started a new job lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons, David got his tonsils, adenoids, and uvula taken out as well as his pallet widened, after he recovered he kept working his little bum off at his job at USU, Max (my little brother) graduated, had a birthday and got his mission call so we were traveling down to Bountiful a lot for those fun events, we had a Jarvis family reunion at the cabin, went on a camping trip, OH and I almost forgot! We added two little furry children to the mix-who just graduated from their first puppy obedience class!

We've been married 5 months today! We are getting settled into our little apartment just fine and are loving being parents to our two little fur balls Duke and Jasmine. After 10 different attempts to find our ward up here in Logan we finally found ours, and we sure do like it! The reality of being married is finally starting to set in and it has been quite the adventure so far! It's still kind of funny when I'm getting ready for bed and walk into our room and there's a boy in there, but it's great! :) We get asked a lot of the same questions whenever we see people we haven't seen for a while so I will just update the rest of you! :)

Most common questions:

Q:How's married life?
A: It's great! An adjustment, but great all the same!

Q:What's the biggest change?
A: Well, now instead of saying goodnight and going to our separate beds in different houses... we say goodnight and get to snuggle before we fall asleep and then we get to say good morning! Oh, and we put our monies together.

Q: When do you guys get done with school?
A: David should be done in roughly two years if he goes full time. As for me, I'm going to take time off school and work full time to support us while he's going to school :) so, whenever he graduates, three years after that.

Q:Why did you get two dogs?
A: I told David to choose which breed and he said how bout both! I didn't believe him at first but he was serious so we did it! Its been awesome because they are never lonely when we are both at work and they have a best friend to wrestle their energy out on.


Q: When are you guys planning on having kids?
A: Considering I'm only 20, and we haven't been married that long, neither of us are done with school and we just got two puppies... not for a while. when the time is right, it will happen. But we would like to be on our feet first and have somewhat an idea how we are going to provide for the little person. :)

Hopefully that helped shed some light on the most frequent questions :)

I've really enjoyed my the past five months and am happy and grateful that I get to spend everyday with such and amazing person. I've never laughed as much as I do now, and enjoyed the small things that this wonderful life has to bring us. I'm so blessed to get to live with my best friend and have him by my side through the thick and thin :)

Well my friends, I hope y'all are having a wonderful summer! Enjoy it because we are going to have snow here before we know it! (Jazz is cheering in the background)


Mrs. Hinton

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Officially Mr. and Mrs. David Hinton

WELL!!! The day FINALLY came friends :)

AHHH  I KNOW!!! March 2nd was quite the wonderful day!! On February 27th I said goodbye to Mr.  Hinton as Ms. Jarvis so that I could go spend my last few single days with the fam in Bountiful. It was so weird leaving Logan and knowing the next time I was here I would be married!?!? haha it was such a crazy thought!

The next two days flew by, all the planning my mom and others had done was falling into place perfectly! I was amazed to see all the little things she had thought of that had never crossed my mind! Then it was March 1st at 11:00pm and I was spending my last single night with my best friend Ann Marie.... It was so surreal! I WAS GETTING MARRIED IN THE MORNING!! And the person I had been through everything  with was there to send me off. The thought that brought tears to my eyes kept crossing my mind... "things will never be the same"... I was so nervous but excited!

5:00 am came earlier that Saturday I swear! I had just closed my eyes and it was time to wake up?! I gathered my things, packed my dress, vail, shoes, make up, suitcase... and turned off the light to "my room" for the last time... so many memories there and now... I WAS GETTING MARRIED!!! I said goodbye to Ann Marie and headed to get my hair done!

Hair and make up went perfectly and I am really just so in love with both these girls! Linzie and Juliann really just blow my mind! As I was sitting by these two CUTE CUTE girls talking about our engagements and about their fiancee's it was the weirdest feeling knowing that all the planning, all the drama, all the craziness... would be over after today! :D They sent me off feeling SO excited and just blessed! GREAT way to start off my wedding day!! THANK YOU!!! :)

I drove to the temple and missed my turn to the parking lot 3 times!! haha my parents were standing on the sidewalk trying to direct me and I was just much too excited to even think about driving! (sorry sorry sorry, not safe I KNOW, but don't worry i didn't kill anyone or break the law)

As I walked into the temple holding my dress there he sat!! MY ALMOST HUSBAND!!!
Thought process: What the flip!? HUSBAND!? How did this happen!? Wow he looks good! Good call on the grey suit. Holy Moley! I'm doing this!! AHH!!!

yup... that was pretty much it! haha we were walked through everything and before our ceremony we had a few minutes to sit next to each other and just talk. Our last moments as "not" husband and wife. Then... it was our turn! Needless to say I was super gitty the whole time and couldn't stop smiling :)
It was beautiful and perfect and I am SO happy that I got the opportunity to marry the most amazing man in the temple. If you have any questions about the temple or what happens in them, feel free to click the side tab "my beliefs" to find out more :)

We then went to get ready and we realized that we didn't have my hoop! So of course my right hand woman, my lady in waiting, my BFF, the tootie to my pum...ANN MARIE DOLLING FOLKS! Saved the day by going to grab it! :) She picked it up that morning from the rental place to bring it early! BOOM! Disaster avoided!! ;)

Well, then we decided that we should touch up my make up why we waited and if any of you know me... I'm prone to spilling things on myself... so let me paint you a little picture... me. in my white dress... liquid make up....
ALL DOWN THE FRONT!! haha I was seriously just like... "yup...this would be me in a nutshell" hahaha luckily my mother being the awesome miracle worker she is and our little temple helper lady having all the right supplies and keeping very calm got it all out! and no one could even tell!! haha

SO it was finally time for that amazing moment! where we get to walk out hand in hand and see all our favorite people!!! but oh wait... they didn't give me my vail at the dress check.... hmmmm hahaha so again my adorable mom rushed to get it! :) the workers gave her one and we were out the door! :)

That feeling.... walking out of the temple holding the love of my life's hand and seeing all my family, my closest friends... and my NEW family! wow.... there is just no other feeling to describe it other than WOW! It was just an overwhelmingly happy feeling. Like I had swallowed my tongue and my stomach was jumping and singing all at the same time! haha I really don't know how to explain it! just SO GOOD!

We took pictures with our amazing photographer Jen Fauset for the next hour and a half and then it was off to our luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building!

Due to the vail mishap we had been a little late coming out of the temple, making us a little late to the luncheon. BUT! it was our wedding day!! I guess they couldn't start without us!! When we walked in David and I talked as we sat at our table... and were just so overwhelmed by all the people in the room... next to us... Our parents. The people that had really been there with us our entire lives. The four people that have been the main sculptors in our lives molding and shaping us to be the people we are today. Adding in parts we were missing, shaving off the parts that, maybe aren't as fantastic. Then, looking out into the crowd, there were Siblings, Nieces and Nephews, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Young Women leaders, Family(second family) friends. Life long friends, Coaches, Neighbors... and again... just that WOW feeling...

Knowing that every person had effected you in your life to get you to the point where you were now... was just mind blowing. David and I really can't express enough gratitude to everyone there. We love every one of you and... just WOW!

That night at the reception that feeling just kept coming!!  To start off... I knew my mom had been busy but little did I realize just HOW busy!! We walked in, to paper lanterns and flower balls strung across the ceiling. Lanterns with flowers flowing out of them on the tables, Cold Stone, an amazing wedding cake, pictures everywhere (just the way I like it) and BEAUTIFUL Home made picture frames my dad made! Then to add the the beauty, tons and tons of people that just kept pouring through the door! Old and new friends just kept coming! The support of our families was phenomenal!!
The night went by all too quickly and looking back we wish we could've stayed to just hang out and take it all in, but it was time to move again!

We were sent off through a tunnel of sparklers. and as we cleaned off our beautifuly decorated car that feeling again... just wow... everything every good feeling we'd ever felt. put into one day. wow.

SO I apologize for this long entry my friends! There was just so much to tell! SO much grattitude to express and i'm sure I haven't covered half of it!

I'd like to end on some special thank you's and what I found to be fantastic wedding advice that really made my day so amazingly perfect!

Advice: On YOUR wedding day... DO NOT!!! I repeat DO NOT!!! let anything get to you. the make up on your dress, someone's shirt that doesn't match your colors, realizing you didn't pick up your hoop, having the Salt Lake Temple workers track you down at your luncheon because they gave you some other girl's vail, complaining about how bad your feet hurt, being bummed you're on your period. ETC... DON'T! YOUR wedding day is a day that you get to celebrate with the people you love the very very most in this whole world, that you found the one person that you get to love the very very VERY most for the rest of eternity. In the long run, if you get to walk away with that guy... You Won. So don't let all the silly little things get in your way. When anything goes wrong, my advice is to laugh it off. Hold the love of your life's hand and realize you just scored the most amazing person for you! No spilt make up can ever compare to that. LIFE GOES ON AFTER YOUR WEDDING :) and its great! 

and last but not least THANK YOU'S!

MASSIVE THANKS to my Mom. From the day after we got engaged to the day of she was running around to place to place trying to make our day perfect and she more than succeeded! EVERYTHING really was perfect!!!:)

EVEN BIGGER THANKS to my Dad for funding everything from the candles in the center pieces to my dress :) AND for the amazing frames!!! He's a boss. Holy smokes... one ulcer and a son in law later we did it! :) (SIDENOTE:the only times I cried the whole day were when he hugged me... Daddy's girl all the way ;)) 

HUGE THANKS to Mama and Papa Hinton for the beautiful luncheon and flowers and for taking care of us being stressed out of our minds while we were stuck in Logan while the wedding planning was 80 miles away. <3 
AND LAST! every person who came to our showers or reception, who sent a gift. who sent a card. All the people that helped get things ready. 

So until next time my love's! 
Be Safe and enjoy life! 

The Hinton Family ;)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Heart Day!! :)

This week was pretty great! Wedding planning is mostly over, its just the small little things left. It's pretty much just show up when you're supposed to and enjoy the ride from here on out :) THIS is what wedding planning should be like ;)
Bridals at the Capital building! 

Valentines dinner!
This week was pretty busy! We took our bridals on wednesday with our awesome photographer Jen Fauset click the link to see her awesome work! :) We went to the capital and the pictures this far... SO amazingly great! She really does such a beautiful job! Anyways, Valentines Day was this week and due to the running around trying to get everything ready for bridals we kind of forgot. How lame is that!? Our first Valentines together and we forget!!
Awesome Cookies

David works all day so I decided to see what I could throw together before he got done. I got some fun cookies and made some pizza in my crock pot. Lit some pink candles, put balloons and flowers out on the table and BOOM! Quickie Valentines day!

Party Party Party 
Friday I got to go to my bachelorette party! Oh my... first of all, it's still so weird that I'm getting married and old enough to have a bachelorette party!? Second I really don't know how I got so lucky to have such amazing friends...

I walked in, to beautiful yellow tulips, cute yellow frosted cupcakes, yummy lemon cookies, strawberry spinach salad (one of my favorites!) mint brownies, fresh fruits and veggies and more stuff.. it was just awesome.

Yummy Food :) 
It was so much fun to have a girls night. OH MY GOODNESS SO MUCH FUN!!!! I'm pretty sure I probably put a kink in things when I had everyone go around and just say what was going on in their lives but it was SO good to hear about everyone. I love being in Logan with my love, but I just feel so disconnected from everyone sometimes.

So after we went around and caught up on everyone's lives, we opened presents and man alive... I haven't been that giggly for such a long time!! It was fun to be able to just laugh about silly things with my favorite people!

Bridesmaids minus AJB LOOOVE THEM!
As I looked around the circle, and stories came up I just felt so loved. I realized that there had been an inside joke, a funny story, or an awesome adventure shared from every person there. All the big things in my life that have happened these girls had been through it with me. From dumb boys, to lacrosse, to senior year spring break trip to vegas, to funny date stories, to endless hours talking on lifeguard chairs, yoga moves, and of course the what was to come :)

I wish I could express how grateful I am for my lovely friends. Every girl there has been a great example to me in one way or another. I'm just so lucky and can't express enough how much I love them. :)

Well! We are 11 days away from the big event! So hopefully I can get another entry in before then! :)
until then, enjoy life loves!

 Lex :)

Friday, February 8, 2013


Oh Hey Friends!

First I'd just like to say thanks for all the support on the blog! Hopefully y'all are enjoying it! I'd love feedback if you have any good and bad! :)

Mini Cupcakes
Second and most important! I would like to express my gratitude for my awesome fiancee! I was sick yestderday with the know? Like hot then cold then hot again, then your throwing up your guts then your cold and need a blanket while you throw up... that flu... haha anyways! I don't know how I got so lucky!

First my handsome prince took his lunch break from work and came to my house to make me lunch and make me take some meds. He tickled my back and got me everything a sick duck could need. After work he asked what sounded good to eat and all I really wanted was a cupcake, or a cake doughnut. And before I know it i get this text :)

He got home from shopping, made me some noodles and came and sat by me while we watched How I Met Your Mother (my latest addiction) CLEANED the WHOLE KITCHEN then he cuddled me and played with my hair until I fell asleep.

You will probably hear more awesome stories about my awesome man but this is just one of many to come. But today, I would just like to express how grateful I am to have this amazing guy in my life. He knows how to cheer me up when i'm sad, and he really just makes me so happy. So thank you David Hinton. For taking care of me when I was sick, and being there for me when I needed someone. I love you very much!

Sorry for all the sappy love stuff.

But until next time my friends!
Hope you're all enjoying life! :)

David just cleanin the kitchen <3


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Here Goes Nothin!

I was thinking to myself the other day... "ya know Lex, these are some of the best times of your life!" then the thought came... "ya know Lex, you should write this stuff down!" so hey! That's what I'm doing and hopefully y'all an get a kick out of it too! 

Well, to start! Life is awesome! It is insanely busy, hectic, crazy out of control chaos lately but it is so awesome! Lately David and I have been planning our wedding, working full time, and going to school full time as well! These past few months have been quite a wild ride and we are so excited to see what the rest of our lives together have in store for us! 

Just a little bit about our most recent adventures! 

We got to move into this cute little house we are renting and have been literally "playing house" everyday! We love cooking together and moving our furniture around to see what looks best. Last friday we bought ourselves some couches to put in our front room and they are quite classy if I do say so myself! ;) Hot dang! 

So excited to have friends over to hang out and watch endless movies and basketball on these babies! 

on a completely random unrelated closing note... I bought a MacBook Pro... loooooooovvvve it. 

Until next time,
Enjoy life my friends

Lex :)